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Sattvic Kitchen - About Us



Sattvic Kitchen was the brainchild of Steve and Ana Phillips in Maui, Hawaii. Both have been involved with meditation and yoga for around 40 years. They have also taught raw food classes for many years. They belong to a yoga organization called Ananda Marga, whose founder recommends a Sattvic diet for those who practice yoga and meditation.

What is Sattvic food? Sattvic is an Ayurvedic term that means abundant in universal life force. In Yoga philosophy and Ayurvedic medicine, there are three categories of food: Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. 

Sattvic food is good for mind, body and soul. This category includes fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds and dairy products. Sattvic food is freshly made by sentient people. This food has a nurturing and calming energy. 
Rajasic food may be good for the body and not the mind, or good for the mind and not the body. This category includes foods such as chocolate, coffee, tea and many medicines. This food imparts a stimulating, but scattered energy. 
Tamasic food is not good for the body, mind or soul. This category includes foods such as meat, fish, eggs, onions , garlic, and mushrooms, as well as food prepared by mean minded people. This food imparts a static energy.

Steve and Ana have discovered throughout their life that Sattvic food is very beneficial to their lifestyle, but very difficult to find in prepared form in stores or restaurants. Primarily you have to prepare the food yourself. Steve came to the realization that if they would ever be able to find prepared food that they could purchase, they would have to start their own company that offers Sattvic food. Through this endeavor, more people would learn about Sattvic food, and the idea may grow. In the year 2015, Sattvic Kitchen was born. They have begun with foods that they have been making for many years and are known to be well-liked by friends and students from their classes. 

Sattvic Kitchen is taking food to a new level, with its holistic and spiritual approach to food. The products are raw, offering all the nutrition and enzymes the food has to give. Many of the products uniquely contain all the five flavors: sweet, salty, sour, spicy and bitter. These items are packed with flavor, while helping to tone up all the organ systems of the body.  Look for the name Sattvic Kitchen in stores in Hawaii. You may like what you find inside the package. Check the product page for details about each product line. Thanks!